Price list for laboratory tests

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Last updated on February 1, 2022

Category Service Price, UAH  
Diagnosis Blood sampling from a vein 110  
Diagnosis  Intramuscular injection 55  
Diagnosis Electrocardiogram with interpretation of the result 165  
Diagnosis Intravenous injection 110  
Diagnosis Intravenous drip 220  
Diagnosis Peribulbar injection 220  
Test Antibodies to hepatitis B 55  
Test Antibodies to hepatitis C 55  
Test Liver tests (bilirubin total + fractions, thymol test, ALP) 275  
Test Total bilirubin + fractions 55  
Test  Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) 55  
Test Aspartate aminotransferase AST 55  
Test Thymol test 45  
Test Alkaline phosphatase ALP 55  
Test Gamma-glutamyl Transferase (GGT) 55  
Test LDH lactate dehydrogenase 45  
Test α-amylase 90  
Test Lipidogram (LDL, total cholesterol, HDL, triglycerides) 220 220  
Test B-lipoproteins 50  
Test Total cholesterol 55  
Test HDL 70  
Test Triglycerides 55  
Test Rheumatology tests (C-reactive protein, rheumatoid factor, antistreptolysin, uric acid) 200  
Test C-reactive protein 50  
Test Rheumatoid factor 50  
Test Antistreptolysin 66  
Test Uric acid 66  
Test Glucose 66  
Test Glucose tolerance test 132  
Test Renal tests (urea, creatinine 165  
Test Urea 88  
Test Creatinine 88  
Test Total protein 55  
Test Albumin 44  
Test Protein fractions 110  
Test Prothrombin index 66  
Test Coagulogram 66  
Test Iron Fe 50  
Test Calcium Ca 88  
Test Magnesium Mg 50  
Test Phosphorus P 50  
Test  Sodium Na 50  
Test Iron-binding ability of serum 100  
Test General blood test 110  
Test Platelets 55  
Test General urine analysis 66  
Test Analysis of urine by Nechiporenko 66  
Test Urine analysis according to Zymnytsky 66  
Test Analysis of urine according to Hamburger 66  
Test Daily analysis of urine for glucose 88  
Test Cal on N.Pylori 88  
Test Glycosylated hemoglobin 275  
Test Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) 110  
Test Bacteriological culture of urine + antibioticogram 165  

Bacteriological culture on the carrier of pathogenic staphylococcus for professional purposes without antibioticogram

Test  Determination of sensitivity to antibiotics and bacteriophages 55  
Test Bacteriological culture for Candida + sensitivity to antibiotics 110  
Test Bacteriological culture of feces on pathogenic microflora with professional purpose 110  

Bacteriological test of feces for pathogenic and opportunistic microflora with species identification

Test Bacteriological test with species identification (ear, eyes, breast milk, wound discharge) 165  
Test Test of intestinal microflora for dysbacteriosis + phages + sensitivity to antibiotics 275  

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